Find out the Actual MPG Your Car Gets

One of the first things a person looks at when finding a potential new car nowadays is what MPG (miles per gallon) it gets. However, there’s often a massive discrepancy between what the manufacturer lists the MPG as versus what you’ll get in the real world. So finding out what you’re likely to achieve day-to-day is vital.

Luckily a website exists to help you. is ‘a site that tracks your gas mileage over time, helping you calculate fuel expenses as you drive.’ And Fuelly has ‘tracked 3,271,504 fuel-ups in 153,654 vehicles over 922,356,497 miles of driving.’ This means Fuelly knows what MPG pretty much every car in the world actually gets.

So head over to Fuelly’s ‘Browse All Cars‘ page and pick the car you’re interested in to find how many MPG it is actually getting.

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