Maciej Ceglowski Visits Australia to See the Total Eclipse of the Sun

Maciej Cegłowski, founder of the amazing Pinboard, has an equally amazing blog. His latest post is expectedly good.

This is my favourite bit:

On the drive-time radio show in Port Douglas, Australia, the host promises to bring on an astrologer to talk about “what the eclipse means for your life”. But for me that’s the opposite of what makes it wonderful. The eclipse doesn’t even know you exist. Nature provides a brief alignment of the Moon and Sun that is completely foreordained, immutable, and will happen with Swiss precision for another billion or so years, whether or not anyone is looking. It is on us to aggregate into litttle bubbles of protoplasm, develop eyes, emerge onto land, discover fire, evolve language, ask the brainier among us where the thing will happen, and make the appropriate travel arrangements.

A good way to feel small is to look at the Wikipedia list of future solar eclipses, and think about that fact that between one and another of them you are going to disappear, but the eclipses will keep happening, about one a year, until the moon finally drifts too far away from the earth to perform the magic trick anymore.

It’s the greatest thing that happens in the sky. Find one on the list you can go see, and see it!

Read the rest here.

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