My Favourite DuckDuckGo !bang

I’ve blogged about the search engine DuckDuckGo before. I love it. And one of my favourite features of the site is !bangs. !bangs allow you to directly search other websites. They are immensely handy and time saving.

Here are some of my favourites:

I’m Feeling Ducky — !: Go straight to the webpage of the top result of a DuckDuckGo search. Example: ‘! bob dylan’

Google — !g: Sometimes it’s handy to be able to quickly search DuckDuckGo’s evil alternative.

Wikipedia — !w: I use this endlessly.

Amazon — !a: With this !bang, 1-Click purchasing and Amazon Prime I can buy stuff fast.

YouTube — !yt: Quickly find a video.

Google Cache — !cache: If I go to a webpage that is offline for some reason I just type ‘!cache’ followed by the URL into DuckDuckGo and it will take me to Google’s cached version of that page.

Searching Membership services

Pinboard — !pinboard: If you’re a member of Pinboard this is very convenient.

Rdio — !rdio: I do not usually have the Rdio Mac app open, so this is a good !bang to know for when I want to quickly listen to one particular song within the browser.

Other Google services

Google Images — !i

Google Mail — !gmail

Google Maps — !gm

Google News — !gn

You can see DuckDuckGo’s full list of !bangs here.

8 December, 2012: One the great things about DuckDuckGo is that you can submit your own !bangs. I submitted Coral CDN the other day and it has just been added! I find Coral CDN better than Google’s Cache so from now if a website’s down I’ll be using !coral to see it. Example: ‘!coral’

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