Angelpoise Lamp Switches Switch

I recently needed a new lamp. So I went to a store to pick up my favourite, the Anglepoise 1227. But to my horror I discovered that the model has been changed slightly, but significantly.

Previously the one/off switch was on the top of the lampshade:
Top of old Anglepoise 1227

It’s now been changed to a mid-cable switch:
Bottom of new Anglepoise 1227

That switch makes zero sense in every circumstance (and particularly on a balanced-arm lamp where you’re constantly moving the arm around). I’ve had to use those switches too often for too long now, and I still cannot see a single benefit. Imagine, you get your lamp out of the box, place it on the table top and then for time immemorial you have to bend over, squeeze your arm through the small gap between the table and the wall, and then run your fingers through the cable to find the switch.

Is there a single scenario where that is a better choice of switch? Placed on my desk, I’d have to get my arm over 4 feet of wood every time I wanted to turn it off/on. On my bed side table, I’d have to dislocate my shoulder to reach it. It’s insanity.

The only reason I can see why it’s so popular is due to low cost for the manufacturer. Or am I missing a benefit or reason? Please email me. I genuinely want to know why this switch exists so prominently.

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