Ringtones and notification sounds are nearly always ghastly and loud. Cleartones aims to solve that. It’s a collection of minimal ringtones and notifications that are unique and don’t violate your ears. They are beautifully simple.

I favour the ‘Pure’ collection. And use:

  • Ringtone: The Pitch
  • Text tone: Refined
  • New Email: Pretty Pure
  • Calendar Alerts: Reflections

Each of the 3 packs costs $17. Or you can buy all of them for $35. Pretty pricey. But they’re gorgeous and you get them DRM-free so you can keep the same tones forever.

Tip: When out and about, with the phone in my pocket, I mostly rely on the vibrate. So I’ve turned down the ‘ringers and alerts’ default volume to around half way in Settings. This means when at home alerts are even less obtrusive and I don’t bother people when on the train, etc. I’d reccomend trying this yourself.

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